A few recent developments in phase-field method of materials microstructures and properties

Long-Qing Chen, The Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, USA

Materials research is largely concerned with the study and manipulation of the spatial and temporal evolution of structural, magnetic, electric polarization, charge, and chemical domains in a material as well as their responses to changes in environmental conditions during processing and in service. This presentation will briefly discuss a few recent developments of the phase-field method for modeling and predicting hierarchical materials microstructures and properties and their evolution under different mechanical and electric stimuli. Examples include 1) the simultaneous modeling and prediction of microstructures and properties, 2) utilization of the phase-field method to help interpreting experimental observations as well as to provide guidance to achieve desirable mesoscale microstructures and thus properties, 3) microstructure evolution kinetics in systems highly out of equilibrium, 4) the electronic and structural phase transitions in strongly correlated electron systems, 5) multiscale modeling of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth morphology of two-dimensional materials, 6) additive manufacturing, 7) the mesoscale dynamic structure evolution of a crystal under ultrafast stimuli, and 8) high- throughput phase-field simulation and design of polymer composites for energy storage.

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Session W1: Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Start: 09:00 a.m.
End: 09:45 a.m.